Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 19 Field Trip

Charlie DeWitt will lead this Saturday morning trip.  Meet at the McDonald's restaurant on Apple Ave. at US-31 from 7:15-8:00 for coffee and chatter.

We will head out to the Wastewater properties for a morning of birding, gathering first just inside the Maple Island Road entrance.  There should be a good variety of shorebirds in the lagoons and clay ponds plus many other species on the fields and in the woodlots.

Although not necessary, a walkie-talkie tuned to Channel 11, Subchannel 0 can be handy as we drive around the property.

The trip will end around noon.  The public is welcome.  Hope to see you there.

(Next Saturday, August 26, Lizzy Kibbey and a group from Grand Rapids Audubon will be birding the Wastewater properties.  If interested, contact Ric Pedler a few days prior to the trip for time and place details.)