Friday, January 17, 2014

Ken Sapkowski Best Birder of 2013

Muskegon, Jan. 16, 2014 (AP):  Ken Sapkowski reaped numerous awards for his astounding 291 bird species listed in 2013.  That number may have been even higher had he counted Whooping Cranes, Barnacle Geese, Cockatiels, road kill, etc.

After receiving his spiral notebook pencil-engraved certificate from club president Ric Pedler, Ken accepted Charlie DeWitt's three-penny monetary prize (based on 1/100 cent per species rounded to the nearest hundredth) with accompanying plaque

and the prestigious trophy created by Feller and Dee DeWitt.

Parcipants in the 2013 MCNC Listing Contest:  Charlie DeWitt, Feller DeWitt, Ken Sapkowski, Ric Pedler and Carol Cooper.