Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 23 Field Trip Report



Ken led a group of eight bird-watchers around the Muskegon County Wastewater properties and the Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve today.  Thick frost covered everything at the Wastewater as did ground fog early on.  Some of these pictures might make it look cold, but it was colder.

Birds of note among our 26 species included 8 Bald Eagles, a Red-shouldered Hawk, 2 Common Ravens, 3 Golden-crowned Kinglets, an Eastern Bluebird, several Snow Buntings, and 3 Rough-legged Hawks including this one fanning its tail at us as we departed.

- NOON -

An hour at the preserve gave us 17 species, mostly duplicates of those at the Wastewater, but also the Eastern Towhee who's spending his winter here, and this Fox Sparrow who may be doing the same.

As Carol filled the feeders near the pavilion, flocks arrived including this American Tree Sparrow wearing jewelry by Brian, and Northern Cardinals of both sexes.

- 1:30-2:15 -

We concluded our day with lunch at Bernie O's in North Muskegon.