Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18 Field Trip Report

Today was a beautiful "early spring" day, sunny and cool with temperatures in the forties and several first-wave-of-migration birds.  And it's February!

The warmth meant few waterbirds at Grand Haven.  Highlights included a Herring Gull (don't ask), Cedar Waxwings and both mergansers.

Pigeon Lake provided Red-winged Blackbirds and a Common Grackle.

(Birding is a dirty and thankless job.)

The Hemlock Crossing feeders were virtually birdless!  So our group of thirteen walked along the Pigeon River in hopes of finding the Northern Mockingbird.  No luck on the mocker, but on the walk back we enjoyed three Sandhill Cranes circling and calling overhead.

The woods were alive with the spring voices of chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and unpiliated woodpeckers.  A Red-tailed Hawk soared overhead.

At noon a beautiful Bald Eagle circled us as we said our good-byes in the nature center parking lot.  Seven people then headed for home.

Five others took a circuitous route to farm fields southeast where Curtis Dykstra told us Horned Larks would be singing and displaying.  We found several singing but were able to see only a few.  When on the ground, they were invisible.  Five did fly up and around us in what may have been some kind of display.

All told this field trip recorded 30 species.  Thanks to Feller for leading, to Curtis for the information, to Carol for the pictures, and to everybody for the excellent company!